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  • Specialisation in Clinical Psychology graduated in 2022 (Great Honors).

By studying a second master’s degree in clinical psychology and psychopathology, I learned to analyze the complexity of human situations, to identify problems and to support and carry out psychological interventions.

  • Specialisation in Person-Centred Counselling graduated in 2021 (Honors).

By studying this certificate in Person-Centred Counselling, I have learned to listen actively and to adopt attitudes of congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard. I also learned how to build rapport and how to develop a trusting relationship with clients. Undertaking this course has taught me about the therapeutic process and about different issues that clients might face.

  • Specialisation in Career Development in 2021.

By studying this certificate in Career Development, I have learned about Educational and Vocational Guidance and what makes guidance effective. I have also learned about the Professional Contexts for Career Development, such as how Labour markets, public policy, and institutional arrangements influence the nature of career development work. Finally, I have been taught the different Concepts for Career Choice and Development, the psychological and sociological theories that underpin the practice of career development.

  • Specialisation in Cultural and Social Psychology graduated in 2019 (Honors).

By studying a Master’s in Social and Cultural Psychology I explored the ways in which culture, society and other people shape how individuals think, feel and behave.
Undertaking a Master’s in Social and Cultural Psychology has taught me to manage the strengths and conflicts of cultural diversity and to facilitate social groups and analyse their dynamics. I also learned to manage conflict situations as well as how to conduct scientific research. I now feel that I have the necessary skills to conduct psychosocial interventions in complex and diverse social situations such as: care settings, socio-professional or family contexts, delinquency and conflict situations.

  • Bachelor in Psychology gratuated in 2016 (Honors).

Undertaking an Honours degree in Psychology and Education has afforded me with extensive training in psychology, teaching me about the normal and pathological human behaviours in its many aspects (affective, cognitive, social, developmental, clinical, etc.) at different ages of life. I have also taken three optional modules which have introduced me to criminology, social psychology of interpersonal relationships and social politics and crime prevention.

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